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    We repair All types of Microwaves in and around Gauteng,
    We are highly experienced in Microwave servicing and maintenance. We are qualified and experienced to provide support and repair different types and models of Microwaves, be it built in, integrated or free standing

    It’s quite normal for some problems to arise during the life of your microwave oven. When it comes time to decide whether to repair or not, our office staff and technicians will give you their honest and knowledgeable opinion whether you should repair or buy new or even have us come to your house for an evaluation. Whether to replace or repair will depend on the cost of the repair versus the replacement cost to buy and install a new unit.

    Microwave repairs are done on site at your premises removing the risk of damaging your Microwave during transportation to workshops. Our technicians carry most common spares in their bakkies to provide you with quick Microwave repairs

    Maintenance tips for Your Microwave Oven

    Microwave ovens are cheaper and easier to replace than the larger appliances in your kitchen, so many a lot people don’t worry about preventative care. However, by following a few easy steps, you can keep your microwave sparkling clean and in better condition so you don’t have to replace it for a long time.


    1. Keep the inside clean. By regularly wiping out the inside of your microwave, you cut down on bad smells and keep spots and corrosion from developing. Food and liquid left in the oven will continue to cook each time it’s used and will absorb the energy meant to heat up your current meal, making it less efficient. Clean any spills and splatters right away, and do a full wipe-down with a mild detergent once a week to once a month, depending on your usage.
    2. Keep the outside clean. Dust, grease, and other residues can build up on the outside of your microwave, especially on the controls. Old stains are harder to clean than new messes, so keep your microwave looking brand new by wiping it down regularly. This includes the areas around the microwave such as the countertop or cabinet.
    3. Use microwaveable containers. Non-microwaveable plastic containers can melt and even leave toxic particles in your food. Make sure you use containers that are specifically labeled as microwave-safe. These are often made of ceramic, glass, or tougher plastic.
    4. Cover your food. Use a microwave-safe plastic cover over your dishes or use the lids on your microwave-safe food containers. Splashes happen during the microwaving process as the liquid heats up, and preventing them from hitting the walls of the microwave makes cleanup easier and protects the paint and metal of the oven.
    5. Never put metal in your microwave. The microwaves emitted from the oven bounce off of metallic materials, so metal in the oven will cause the interior to heat up unevenly and can cause damage. This includes aluminum.
    6. Make sure the door closes properly. If the door is damaged or the seal is cracked, food won’t cook evenly and radiation can escape.

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Most commom Faults in a Microwave

  • Microwave tripping mains
  • Microwave not switching on
  • Microwave not heating enough
  • Microwave door not closing
  • inside paint peeling off
  • fan making noise
  • touch pad not working
  • sparks inside microwave
  • microwave inner plate not rotating
  • light not coming on
  • Microwave installation
  • microwave start button not working
  • Most Common Brands We Repair

    1. Samsung.
    2. L.G.
    3. Bosch.
    4. Whirlpool
    5. Defy.
    6. Hisense.
    7. Smeg.
    8. Miele
    9. AEG
    10. Telefunken

    All Microwave Repairs done at your house

    Microwave repairs are always done on site at your house and we make sure to treat your house with care making sure not to damage anything and we clean up after we are done.

    Quick turn around times on repairs

    Our proffesional technicians carry most Common microwave parts on hand and special order parts available in One or Two days. We use original parts sourced from the manufacture

    Guaranteed Work

    All our work carry a 3 months warranty t&c apply .