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    We service both domestic and commercial clients for Stove and Oven repairs in and around Gauteng, We are highly experienced in Oven and stove servicing and maintanance. We are qualified and experienced to provide support and repair to different types of Ovens, be it built in or its free standing

    There are several ways you can react to an oven or stove breakdown. You can attempt to fix it yourself, which can be time-consuming, frustrating, and is not guaranteed to work. You can ignore it and use band aids to fix the issue (ex: buying takeaways if you oven or stove is on the fritz)—but that can become expensive and just ignores the issue. Or you could call Crystal Appliance Repairs®

    Oven repairs are done on site at your premises removing the risk of damaging your Oven during transportation to workshops. Our technicians carry most common spares in their bakkies to provide you with quick Oven repairs

    Our technicians always go for regular training and skills upgrading so as to provide you with reliable Oven repairs


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Most commom Faults in a Oven

  • Oven tripping mains
  • Oven not switching on
  • Oven not heating enough
  • Oven heat regulator not working
  • Oven glass door cracked, broken
  • oven fan making noise
  • error codes on Oven
  • gas Oven not igniting
  • Oven bottom element not working
  • oven top element not working
  • Oven installation
  • thermostat replacement
  • Most Common Brands We Repair

    ovenbrands Samsung. L.G. Bosch, Whirlpool, Defy, Hisense, Miele, Speed Queen, AEG, Telefunken. Smeg,

    Tips on how to take care of your Oven!!!

    Regularly clean your oven and it will have the best chance of maintaining its efficiency for as long as possible. The last thing any parent needs when cooking for their family is the oven packing in, so take upkeep of the appliance seriously and avoid the temptation to leave cleaning til a later date.

    While buying a new oven can be exciting when moving into a new home or when re-designing a kitchen, there will be less enthusiasm if you have to make a purchase due to a fault or breakdown.

    How you look after your oven will have a bearing on its lifespan - so clean it regularly and you can enjoy a long and happy relationship with the appliance!

    Prevention is better than cure

    It may be an old saying, but the adage "prevention is better than cure" certainly rings true when it comes to oven maintenance.

    Wipe down the inside and outside of your oven on a regular basis and you will no longer need the hardcore cleaners required for those marks and stains that just won't budge. By getting in the habit of following a few simple steps, the days of getting on your hands and knees to scrub at week-old stains can become a thing of the past.

    Regular wipe downs

    It may sound simple, but regularly wiping down the exterior of your oven is one of the simplest and best ways to keep it looking shiny and new. Everyone wipes down their worktops when they become dirty, so why not incorporate the front and top of the cooker into this? Quick and easy, yet so very effective.

    Use baking trays to catch spillages

    Spillages are the cause of most stains in your oven, so why not take a pre-emptive approach and catch them before they hit the oven floor? Placing a baking tray at the bottom of the oven is a great way to do this. Remember to put a baking sheet covered in foil over the tray, but make sure the foil isn't touching any heating elements that could melt it.

    Loosen grease with steam

    One of the most effective ways of budging oven grease is with steam. By placing a bowl of hot water in the oven for 20 minutes at a high temperature, the steam created will loosen the dirt and make it much easier for you to wipe away using your cleaning product.

    Don't forget the racks

    Oven racks will build up their fair share of dirt, so don't forget to give them a good clean along with the rest of the oven. Simply placing them in the dishwasher should do the trick, but leaving them to soak in cleaning solution before using an abrasive pad will also suffice.

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    All Repairs done at your house

    Repairs are always done on site at your house and we make sure to treat your house with care making sure not to damage anything and we clean up after we are done.

    Quick turn around times on repairs

    Our proffesional technicians carry most Common parts on hand and special order parts available in One or Two days

    Guaranteed Work

    All our work carry a 3 months warranty t&c apply .